Pink Dipdye

After months of resisting and being really bad about going to the haridresser. I finally wandered up Hackney Road to try a new salon; Butchers. Technically it’s a friend’s new business and after visiting on the opening night I was intrigued.


With a last minute booking, where I only planned to get a decent wash & blowdry, I took the plunge and decided what my hair and I really needed was a cut. I opted to go for more than a micro trim and went from messed-up tresses to glam rockstar.


The lovely Katie, really knows how to manage long hair. Often hairdressers are too keen to chop it off but she helped to bring it back to life and brought in some great layers that avoid looking like the classic Jennifer Anniston while still giving volume and shape to my otherwise very long hair.

My final transformation happened this weekend. Four hours of chair-sitting, magazing-reading, gossip-ing and even listening to the guy next to me beatbox. I was bleached, toned and styled. So from regular brunette I brought out the punk in me with a toned pink, purple and crimson dipdye.


No more grey winter days! I’ve got a rainbow with me, whatever the weather. Thanks Butchers Salon! You guys rock!

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