“Sunday evening, listening to Kasabian Live at Glasonbury. Sat on the sofa I’m just missing a good glass of wine or gin & tonic.”

I’ve eaten half a bowl of pea & mint soup for dinner. It’s my new cold turkey to keep the calories low. Although, I did have a single poached eggs royale for brunch, over which I debate with a friend whether I was really kidding myself about having an active lifestyle. Maybe he had a point, but just because I’m not running every day doesn’t make me a sloth, does it? I could be worse.

And here I am. 11:30pm, calorie counting.

Actually so what, I read the next fad diet. I spend day off carbs or drinking only raw veg juice. The reality is I’m trying just as hard as everyone else and I’m a bit crap at it.

So, this is me. 32 this year. Single. Curvy. Realising that I’ll never quite be a Disney Cinderella but maybe I can find a better role model for the modern day fairy-tale to happen.

p.s. I’m off to duck and waffle tomorrow which is going to completely blow any attempt at healthy I’ve been trying but at least I’ll walk in there in a pair of gold louboutins.

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