Christmas Lights

I love Christmas. I think a lot of us do, but the thought of Christmas Shopping turns us all into Bah Humbugs. There are some amazing deals to be had online but the only thing that gets to me is delivery issues - I work full time and now have a stream of things to collect from the post office!

In any case, the glee of being out and about, in real world shopping seems to have been lost. Last year I discovered the Seven Dials Christmas event and egearly signed up and made my list.

Who wouldn’t love to wander round an area at your own pace while local musicians fill the air with some merry jingles, free roast chestnuts are offered to you outside the fancy hotels, and hot chocolate (with a tipple of rum) warms your hands against the chill in the air. All with 20% off all the shops!

Prosecco for shopping

So after collecting my mini prosecco and finishing off my mince pie, I managed to zig zag round the shops; Christmas list in hand. I wasn’t sure on what I was going to buy but ended up with some fab finds. I can’t post it or it might reuin the surprise for those who are receiving them. But the best way to buy presents is to buy things you want yourself. The presents upstairs are definitely being added to my list!

To top it off, I not only had my hair and makeup sorted by Frenchologie for the evening (Brigitte Bardot style) but also won a Golden Ticket to select a prize in Santa’s Grotto! Thanks so much Seven Dials, I’ll be redeeming my Organic Pharmacy voucher soon, that’s for sure.

Golden Ticket

Santa's Grotto
Ok it’s a bit ‘Clueless’, but I love having lots of bags in my hands and feeling that I’ve triumphed at purchasing all the presents I needed. I don’t think online can ever take that away (not yet anyway). Fancy joining me next year? You can count on it!

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