I love my food and this salad is a quick and easy way to get something healthy that tastes delicious. Plus you can be proud of having made it all youself in less than 15 minutes.


1 Trout fillet, although any fish you prefer will be fine. 1 teaspoon of coconut oil, to fry the fish 1 lettuce of preference, I like the living salad boxes from Sainsbury’s. 5 baby tomatoes 2 artichoke hearts, the jars are always within easy reach in the fridge in my house. A small handfull of sun blushed tomatoes 1/4 of a cucumber A few sprigs of flat leaf parsley 1/2 lemon, squeezed A tiny pinch of salt (but you can go without) 1 tablespoon of extra virgin, cold-pressed olive oil A couple of turns of pepper A tablespoon of Linwoods Milled Flax, sunflower & pumpkin seed mix. Some mixed seeds will be just as good otherwise

This is one of my favourite weekend lunches. Lightly pan fry some fish, in this case Rainbow Trout, in a little bit of raw coconut oil. It takes less than 2-3 mins on each side. If the fish is fresh then you really just want to gently cook it through on a medium heat. While the fish is finishing off, wash off and arrange your leaves on the plate Take your fish off the heat but leave it in the pan while you slice your tomatoes, cucumber, artichoke hearts over the leaves. Scatter the sun blushed tomatoes, if these are quite large peices you may want to cut them up also. Carefully remove any skin on the fish. some may have stuck to the pan but don’t worry. Just carefully use a wooden spatula to lift the fish and place it over your salad. Finish with some torn flat leaf parsley, the lemon juice, salt and pepper. Then drizzle your olive oil over the whole thing - tah dah!

Now eat and enjoy!

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