Daily delivery

Apologies for the lack of blog posts for the last few weeks. It’s been an exciting if stressful time as I moved into a little house and became a Bermondsey Girl. I’m really investing into making my little dream home and I’ll do a blog post about the move soon.

Anyway, with all the stress it was definitely time to leave the take aways behind and start getting myself sorted again. I’ve tried a few juice diets over the last year but my favourite by far is from Raw and Juicy.

It’s not the cheapest but I think the level of personalisation, contact and extras more than makes up for the extra few pounds. Raw & Juicy give you up to 6 organic juices, which are made purely from fruit and vegetables and delivery to you daily, so that they’re always fresh.

I like going for a 3 day bespoke cleanse and detox. Stephanie (who’s the founder) is always more than happy to chat about what you want to acheive, if you want to exclude anything or give advice about getting through the first few times you do it.

I find being busy, to keep me distracted, helps but also know I need a good week without going out and ways to avoid temptation. The evening before, you’ll get a delivery of your set of juices, as well as a set of morning supplements. The first delivery gives you all the dry supplements for a whole week no matter how long you decide to go for.


Each morning, I find I get into a routine, taking my lemon shot with bi-carb, my aloe and Spirulina shot, a glass of water mixed with husk and the charcoal. Followed by an almond milk, cinamon & Agave syrup mini juice. It’s very filling.

Inner Me

I also decided this time to start taking a series of Daily 4 Me supplements aimed at the ‘Hectic 30s’ by Inner Me. A new subscription service. Alongside the kelp tablets I get from Raw & Juicy and my usual Pycnogenol teblet (French pine bark that helps the blood absorb oxygen), these extra supplements give me everything that I need, tailored for the fact that I’m a lady who like to keep life to its fullest in my 30s.

Other than that you can choose when and which juice you want to drink throughout the day, and as they are delivered daily, there’s usally a different choice each day. They range from grapefruit and cayenne pepper; to carrots, ginger, lime and lemon; to a personal faourite tomatoes, celery and cucumber. With the bouillon in the evening and herbal teas. You’ll struggle to get hungry and feel great at the same time.

I feel re-energised and it’s such a positive way to destress after a lot of big changes.

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