Shaping up

“A goal without a plan, is just a wish”

I recently bought a dress in the Net-a-Porter sale that was on my wishlist for ages. It arrived and it’s beautiful but I coan’t do the waist up. I knew it wouldn’t fit but I bought it as some motivation to kick start what I’ve needed to do for a long time. The goal is set.

Making a plan

I’ve never done well with diets and I particularly dislike going to the gym. All my friends have said that I look good and I think on the surface of it I come across as happy. In reality, I’m constantly be battling with my weight and how I feel. Why the issues?

I live a good life and I’ve been lucky enough to travel a lot. I have pretty decent job, a house, pets, and great friends. I didn’t feel that I was being all that awful with what I ate or how active I was but I did think that I could change my lifestyle to get back on track and feel more postiive.

I’m not sure if I suffer from depression but I have days which can get pretty low. I’ve got home and burst into tears and then felt guilty for feeling that way. From a young age I also suffered from anxiety attacks and it’s taken me a number of years to help recognise some of my triggers so I can better control them, along with some hypnosis. All of this and threee years of singledom has taken its toll. 30+ and cooking for yourself every night is a lonely place at times.

Embarking on a Happiness Project

It starts with little changes. So step by step I’m going to find how to make myself a happier person. In the process I might be able to let go of the nagging issues that drag me back into a hole, where I prefer to hide at home and only deal with people via email. It’s simpler apparently to add things month on month but since we’re already in February I thought I could try two things. Here are my 12 points to improving my life:

  1. January: eat more healthily
  2. February: dance more
  3. March: go to bed earlier, get up earlier
  4. April: take time out
  5. May: enjoy time with my family
  6. June: get out and about with my horse
  7. July: remember it’s never that bad
  8. August: pick up a book once in a while
  9. September: strike things off the list
  10. October: there’s always a way
  11. November: listen and hear
  12. December: follow your passion

January & February

I’ve been logging what I eat through Two Grand, not for calorie counting, but to help me be more aware of what and when I eat. Making concious decisions not to eat carbs or sugar whenever possible as well as avoising grazing or snacking for the mean time. Last week I also picked up my activity. I bought some Kettle bells and doing daily squats and swings. This is actually quite easy as it doesn’t take much time. Monday I headed off to restart Commercial Jazz lessons at Pineapple Dance Studios. Thursday I even ventured over to a local gym to do a little bit of interval training. Friday evening was spent dancing well into the early hours of the morning. As of Satuday morning I’d already lost 3kgs. That made me smile. By Sunday, I’d put it all back on.

Week 1 felt like a rollercoaster of highs and lows. Let’s see what Week 2 brings.

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