Apples and Pears

Whiskey is quickly becoming a favourite in cocktails these days. As you may have seen, I’m not bad at making a Whiskey Sour. So much so, that I’m doing well at winning over my non-whiskey drinking friends.

Thanks to my lovely friend Carrie Barclay, who after realising my mixology passion introduced me to cocktail (and whiskey connoisseur), Mark Thompson from The Spirits Bureau. After a few 140 character tips has helped me get my cocktail skills up.

Mark is awesome and if you ever get to bump into him then make sure you get more than a few mins with him. You’ll come away knowing more than you could imagine about whiskey and wanting to talk about food and drink for the rest of the evening.

After a very nice little tasting event at the 5CC at the Well & Bucket, I’m now far more knowledgable about how best to enjoy whiskeys, and of course, Glenfiddich. Thanks Mark! For future reference; Glenfiddich 15 year old on it’s own is just about perfect for me.

On a side note about the Well & Bucket; the oyster platterss and sliders are as fantastic as the cocktails!

Malt Mastermind Award

Last Monday, I was very kindly invited to the Glenfiddich Malt Mastermind event at another 5CC venue, The Electricity Showrooms.

The final consisted of a quick fire question round, and then the three selected barmen had to create a cocktail that embodied the essence of Glenfiddich. The winning drink was by Alistair Reynolds from Hawksmoor Spitalfields. They’re really are upping their game in the fine cocktail hangouts. From the sounds of the ingrediants it was quite a taster and all that after he’d just landed from the States. Runners up were Ernst from Boisdale Canary Wharf and Alix from Dandilyan, Mondrian Hotel. While we couldn’t all get one to try, the Old Fashioned and Apples & Pears, a long drink, Apples & Pears (made with Glenfiddich 12 year old, pear juice and ginger syrup) was a very nice addition to a Monday.

Here’s to bringing more people into the world of whiskeys.

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